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Disney Magic Wireless Internet

Package Type Data Cost
Pay As You Go - Guests can start with this package
if they are not sure how often they will be online.
$0.25 per MB
Small Package- This package is a good choice for occasional use.
Even when on vacation, Guests may want to keep tabs on things at home.
Guests can check their e-mail and then go back to enjoying their cruise.
100 MB $19.00
Medium Package - A package for moderate use.
If Guests want their friends to see they are having
a fabulous time, they can go ahead and post those
photos right away!
300 MB $39.00
Large Package - This package will cover all Internet
needs. Guests can stream movies or their favorite music.
1,000 MB $89.00

Please note: The system does not support Skype, VOIP, Remote Access and other high bandwidth programs. Connection speed onboard is not as fast as what you have at home. Intermittent connectivity may be experienced from time to time depending on the ship's location or weather conditions.