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Programa Infantil da P&O Cruises

Bring the clan together for a fun-filled holiday at sea. Several P&O Cruises ships boast family-friendly features, from kids-only clubs and meals to special staterooms built for four. Reef Rangers -- trained P&O Cruises employees who lead children's activities -- are ready to keep kids ages 2 to 17 safe as well as entertained. Amenities on the ship are designed with parents and children in mind, allowing families to relax and enjoy a stress-free sailing as well as each other's company.

The Reef
The Reef is P&O Cruises' new shipboard program for children and teens ages 2 to 17. The Reef Rangers have organized a wide array of fun activities to entertain children of every age.

'Splashers' is the program for 2 - 4 year olds, 'Surfers' is the program for 5 - 8 year olds, 'Scubas' is the program for 9 - 12 year olds and 'H²O' is the program for 13 - 17 year olds.

Splashers (2 – 4 years old)
Being a Splasher onboard a P&O Cruises ship is lots of fun - especially for little people like you. The Reef Rangers make sure you do all the things you love - you can play with other children and make new friends, sing, dance, play with the stickle bricks, enter coloring competitions and win prizes - the fun never ends!

You even have your own special room, packed with toys and fun play areas. Hide in the ball pool, play ‘peek-a-boo’, climb about in the squishy activity corner, read stories or snuggle up in front of a film.

Do you like dollies? P&O has loads! Prefer cars? There are loads of those too. The Reef Rangers even put on puppet shows - and you can join in!

Oh, and look out for Noddy! He pops in to play, eat with you and if you’re really good, he holds a special party for you. He might even give you a present - your very own Noddy activity pack.

When the sun goes down, your mum and dad can settle you into the Night Nursery, where you can dream of the fun tomorrow will bring.

Surfers (5 – 8 years old)
A day at the Surfer’s club is so much fun you won’t want to go home!
Fancy being a tiger for a day? Or a butterfly? Or maybe Spiderman?! You can be anything you like with face painting sessions. And we’ve got loads of dressing up stuff too - mum and dad might not recognize you when they pick you up at the end of the day!

If you love making a mess, you’ll love the Cookery Corner. You and your new friends can invent your own chocolate bars with all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients. You get to enjoy eating them all afterwards - yum!

You can also skip with friends, play video games or giant snakes and ladders - P&O even has three-legged races. Just try not to fall over!

But best of all, there is a very special guest - if you’ve heard of the Mr. Men books then you’ll know all about Mr. Bump - he’ll be there to join in your parties, organize treasure hunts and watch your talent shows. If you’re really nice to him he might even let you have your photo taken with him!

Scubas (9 – 12 years old)
Ready for your best ever holiday? You’d better be, because every day at a P&O Cruises Scuba club is an exciting adventure!
Scuba members have a special room stuffed with everything from jukeboxes to Playstations®. Plus, there’s a seriously comfy bean bag area where you can gossip and watch films.

One of the best things about Scuba club is the scavenger hunt - you get to follow the clues and questions around the ship and win some really cool prizes! Plus there are games and quizzes on all sorts of stuff - from music to movies. As well as pool games and sports sessions.

Fancy being a famous actor? Join drama workshops, create a mini-play with the Reef Rangers and you could be a star in the making! If you’re 12, you can even enjoy some star-style pampering at the TeenSpa.

And if you like to stay up late, there's tons of night time fun too - including pool parties, discos, games and Karaoke. Hope you’re brave enough to sing!

H20 (13 – 17 years old)
Make the H2O club your first port of call on board and hang out with people your own age, in your own adult-free zone.

You can pop in whenever you like! The Reef Rangers are young, fun and really friendly - you can listen to music, battle it out on the Playstations® and arcade machines or watch films and play pool or air hockey. Into sport? Every ship has a sport’s court where you can enjoy everything from football and basketball to volleyball competitions.

During school holidays there’s even more to do. Ventura has a rock school where you can start your own band! From learning the drums to playing the electric guitar. If spinning the decks is more your thing, you can also learn to be a DJ for the day.

Fancy chilling out and enjoying a bit of pampering? Then why not try the TeenSpa. Have a cleansing facial, exotic manicure or total bliss massage. And bring your friends! There is a TeenSpa for boys and girls so you can have a proper pampering party.

Wait! It might be night time now, but the fun doesn’t stop when the sun sets - with discos, dance-offs and more.

Family Dining
Normally children join their parents for breakfast and lunch but since you might occasionally want to dine on your own, on P&O’s family cruise holidays, they put on a special children’s tea every night featuring all the food that children will enjoy: sausages, fish fingers and pizza to name just a few. In addition there are many healthy options, such as salads, soups, fruit, vegetables and pasta.

The staterooms are well equipped for your family's needs. In the majority of twin staterooms, beds fold down from the ceiling or out from the wall. In staterooms, mini-suites and suites, the extra beds are sofa beds. Other facilities in your room include:

  • Teenage and adult pamper packs
  • TV
  • Telephone
  • Refrigerator
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Plenty of drawer and wardrobe space
  • In-stateroom listening facility
  • Bathroom

Shore excursions
With a whole range of tours designed especially for families, your time ashore will be as stress free as the rest of your holiday. With arranged transport, entrance fees and English-speaking guides, all you need do is turn up and enjoy your time together. Typical family tours include:

  • Dolphin/ Whale watching
  • Adventure trips
  • Family city tours
  • Beach transfers
  • Water park trips
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